My first steps I took in 1970. Soon, my steps became more an more creative. Later, I even learned and ballet and gymnastics...

In 1980, I joined a children's folk dance group in Liechtenstein.  I loved it so much, that I stayed for many years and learned Swiss and International Dances. In the end I even taught these dances to the children myself.

Between 1987 - 1990 I was member of many different dance groups in Switzerland. I did jazz dance, international folklore and Swiss Dances.

In 1990 I finally started teaching dances to adults and sharing my love for international cultural exchange.

  • Ich führe Menschen tanzend zusammen!
  • Foto Garbani

In 1993 I did my apprenticeship as 'International Dance Teacher' (VTI: Biance de Jong, Amsterdam) and continued to dance in various groups and ensembles, for example Turkish dances with 'Motif' in Zurich, Swiss dances with Annelis Aenis in Basel, Hungarian dances in Zurich, Israeli dances in the Jewish community Zurich, international dances in Baden, Bulgarian dances with 'Ludi Mladi' in Zurich etc. I continue to teach regularly and offer dance animations for private and public occasions.